Gall Bladder and Liver Cleanse

Eat all the granny smith apples and/or freshly squeezed apple juice(not store bought) you can for 3 days. Also drink water. Eat nothing else. On the final evening get ready for bed. Have 1 (8 oz.) cup of olive oil and 1 (8 oz. cup of lemon juice beside your bed. Take as long as you need to drink it. The slower you drink it, the easier it will be...

Acid vs. Alkaline Diet

The balance of acid and alkaline forming foods in diet is key to good health. Acid versus Alkaline In a macrobiotic diet based on whole, living foods, the grains and some beans, such as lentils, are acid-forming; while vegetables and fruits are alkaline-forming (this is why it is important to eat as many vegetables and grains in typical day). If you add in fish, dairy foods, and meat, your diet...

Solar Day: The Spring Equinox (Chun Fen)

Saturday, March 21st, 2015 is Solar Day Chun Fen - The Spring Equinox. Follow these lifestyle recommendations, provided by our Liscensed Acupuncturist Tian Wu, to Stay Healthy with the Seasons.

Solar Day: Jing Zhe (Waking of Insects)

Solar Day Jing Zhe is March 6, 2015. Follow these lifestyle recommendations to Stay Healthy with the Seasons until the next Solar Day: March 21, 2015. For more information on Solar Days and Treatment click HERE.  

Valentine's Day - Sex Muffins

It's almost Valentine's Day!Spice the day up with with "sex muffins". The sex muffins contain ginseng, a root widely used in the Orient to increase sexual appetite and promote stamina. They also contain cinnamon and ginger, which have long been thought to have aphrodisiacal properties. Chocolate and honey, two of the most abundant ingredients in the muffins, are also known to increase sex drive. Chocolate contains an amino acid, phenylithylainine,...

Solar Day: Greater Snow (Da Xue)

Starting December 7, 2014 follow these lifestyle recommendations to Stay Healthy with the Seasons! The next Solar Day will be December 22, 2014.

Solar Day - The Beginning of Winter (Li Dong)

For more information on Solar Days please visit CEO and Liscenced Acupuncturist Tian Wu's website

TCM Resources

More Tips to help you massage PROPERLY!               Did You Know? Famous US President Thomas Jefferson was an advocate for foot soaking? During his time, bathing was done mostly for luxury rather than for cleanliness and health. However Jefferson attributed his good health to a daily ritual, soaking his feet in cold water. Although the Chinese believe in hot water foot soaks, Jefferson was onto...

2014 Trip to China

Shine Wellness CFO and Licensed Acupuncturist, Tian Wu, attended the 2nd China International Expo of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Botanical Drugs in Shanghai, China in May 2014. The expo has a strong interest in promoting Traditional Chinese Medicine around the world, and features the latest and greatest technologies and herbal remedies. We will be importing several new products that were featured at the expo and are expecting their arrival in...

Foot Soaking

Foot soaking is commonly regarded as one of the simplest yet most effective Chinese self-wellness concepts. And old Chinese saying tells us, "The foot is the second heart of the human body. The aging of the tree begins from its roots, people age from their feet.          Reflexology Chart

Using Cedar Wood

Our Cedar Wood Tubs are Naturally Treated - Custom Crafted -Durability Tested The Benefits of Cedar Wood: Remarkable dimensional stability: Cedar wood maintains its size and shape regardless of fluctuating temperatures or weather conditions Sustains water temperature Resistant to moisture and insect damage Cedar scent is commonly used as a soothing and relaxing aromatic application Caring for your Cedar Wood Tub: To prolong the life of your tub, avoid heat...

How to Soak Your Feet

Foot soaks have been enjoyed in China for thousands of years to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Our foot tub is simple to use. Just find a comfortable spot in your home, pour the desired amount of water into the tub, begin soaking and enjoy! For best results we recommend using our specially formulated Natural Chinese Foot Soak Herbs. Directions:  Put tub on a safe flat surface. Fill tub with 1/2...