Gall Bladder and Liver Cleanse

Posted April 07 2015

Eat all the granny smith apples and/or freshly squeezed apple juice(not store bought) you can for 3 days. Also drink water. Eat nothing else. On the final evening get ready for bed. Have 1 (8 oz.) cup of olive oil and 1 (8 oz. cup of lemon juice beside your bed. Take as long as you need to drink it. The slower you drink it, the easier it will be to get down and keep it down. Sit up while drinking, but lie down after you drink. Keep as still as possible. Go to bed as soon as you have drank it all. It is best to lie on your right side. It may help to mix the lemon juice in the olive oil.

After this cleanse, you may pass gall stones.