What are your feet saying about your brain health?

Posted November 21 2017

Note the indentation on the inside edge of the big toe. People commonly think this crease is caused by their second toe resting against the big toe or from their shoes; however, this is not the case. This area of the big toe corresponds to the cerebellum (responsible for memories) and the brain stem.

The development of this crease/edge may indicate that brain energy is degenerating and may also indicate an increased risk of developing dementia/Parkinson's. Those who have a sharp, distinguished edge may notice symptoms such as short & long term memory problems.

Those 45 and older should pay close attention to the development of this crease. If you see the development of this edge starting to occur, massage the lower inside edge of the toe below the indentation (see left). Massaging this area will improve brain energy, function and health. Massage 100 times per day.