Clearing Your Mind Set: Ancient Chinese Way

$ 39.99

  • Head & Scalp Massager: Using up and down motion, gently massage onto head and scalp with the tips of the prongs. Start your day by using it to raise your Yang energy. Stay fresh, alert and calm all day long; Can also be used as a natural hair volumnizer.
  • Handheld Acupressure Patter: Easy to use, hold the wooden tool which has 39 pegs in the palm of your hand and pat problem areas. This "patting" technique will allow for more vigorous and deep pressure to stimulate energy throughout your body
  • Wooden Ladybug Kneading Massager: This lovely ladybug kneading massager will make acupressure kneading techniques fun and effective. Easy to carry, and use anytime anywhere
  • x1 Natural Chinese Foot Soak Herbs - each 30x10g packs, exclusive Proprietory Formula, all natural ingredients PLUS 2 FREE Mugwort & Bath Herbs Sample $8 Value. We repackaged our Foot Soak Herb in a reusable stain bag. We are offering 20% more products for any inconvenience.

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    This is a special pick to help Clearing Your Mind; FREE Acupuncturist Herbalist Phone Consultation

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