New Arrival Ultimate Foot Soak Home Spa Set - 5 items: Tall Cedar Wood with drainage hole/tube tub, Small Cedar Wood Bucket, Cedar Wood Tub Moving Wheel, 1 box of Natural Chinese Foot Soak Herbs, 1 box of Mugwort Foot and Bath Herbs

$ 469.85 was $ 535.75

  • Tall Cedar Wood Foot Soak Tub with Drainage Hole and Tube: This tall tub covers up to the knee to cover more important triggering points. It has extended dual handles, dual no rust steel metal straps, brass drainage hole and long tube for easier use and handling. Product Dimension: H 15'' x Bottom W 13.6'' x Top W 19.25'', 11 lbs 7oz
  • Small Cedar Wood Bucket: Helps move water in and out big tubs. Dual no rust steel straps. Ease of pouring and transferring water. A great household bucket too. Product Dimension: 9.25'' Tall x 7.50'' Bottom Width x 9'' Top Width, Weight 3 lbs 2oz
  • Cedar Wood Tub Wheels: Helps move tubs in and out, for easier handling of weight. Product Dimension: 16'' Width, Weight 4.3 lbs 
  • x1 Natural Chinese Foot Soak Herbs -10.5 OZ (0.35 OZ x 30 Bags) -each 30x10g packs, exclusive Proprietary Formula, all natural ingredients
  • x1 Mugwort Bath Herbs - 10.58 OZ (1.058 OZ x 10 Bags) - each 10x30g packs