Ultimate Chinese Foot Soak Home Set 2

$ 588.00 was $ 692.39

  • x1 Chinese Foot Soak Herbs - each 30x10g packs; We repackaged our Foot Soak Herb in a reusable stain bag. We are offering 20% more products for any inconvenience.
  • x1 Chinese Bath Herbs - each 10 x 30g;
  • 7.50'' long, 16 wheel contour massager will caress the contours of your body, flexible as a moon car. The rubber pointers are designed to effectively stimulate acupressure points and release muscle tension. This small and lightweight massager goes anywhere it is summoned; 20 beaded body massager is convenient to use to release muscle tension in large reflex zones, L 43.5'', W 8.3 oz
  • Small Cedar Wood Bucket: Helps move water in and out big tubs. Dual no rust steel straps. Ease of pouring and transferring water. A great household bucket too, 9'' Tall x 7.50'' Bottom W x 9'' Top, W 3 lbs; Tall Cedar Wood Tub with Drainage Hole & Tube: This tall tub covers up to the knee to cover more important triggering points. It has extended dual handles, dual no rust steel metal straps, brass drainage hole and long tube for easier use and handling, 15'' Tall x 18'' Top Width, W 13.3 lbs 
  • Cedar Wood Tub Wheels: Helps move tubs in and out, for easier handling of weight. Product Dimension: 16'' Width, Weight 4.3 lbs; x1 Mugwort Bath Herbs - each 10x30g packs, Please see Ingredients for Ingredients list; 
  • Acupoint Foot Board: unique stepping board massager hits 60 acupoints with each step. Release stress, promotes natural healing and blood circulation, marked with bright color for each zone and organ, stand on the board to alternate feet to massage. Include 6 magnetic points, 11.75’’ x 11.75 ‘’, 1 Lb 7 oz; Wooden Bath Brush: While soaking in our natural herbal baths, use this long handled bath brush to stimulate meridian channels and circulation, 16’’ L x 4.15’’ Head W, 7 oz 
  • Handcrafted Cedar Wood Bath/Foot Spoon: Exquisitely designed for luxurious natural ancient spa splashes, light to float on the water, perfect for filling/emptying foot soak tubs; Head/Scalp Massager: There are many acupressure points on head. Regularly massage and stimulate head scalp to clear your mind; Wooden Foot File: After enjoying our exclusively formulated all natural foot soaks, use this file to treat your soles with some TLC. Your feet will thank you for it, 8’’ L x 1.65 ‘’W, 0.7 Oz