Looking Forward Chinese Foot Soak Set

$ 239.99 was $ 491.71

  • Tall Cedar Wood Foot Soak Tub with Drainage Hole and Tube: This tall tub covers up to the knee to cover more important triggering points. It has extended dual handles, dual no rust steel metal straps, brass drainage hole and long tube for easier use and handling. Product Dimension: H 15'' x Bottom W 13.6'' x Top W 19.25'', 11 lbs 7oz
  • x2 Chinese Foot Soak Herbs -10.5 OZ (0.35 OZ x 30 Bags) -each 30x10g packs, exclusive Proprietary Formula; We repackaged our Foot Soak Herb in a reusable stain bag. We are offering 20% more products for any inconvenience.
  • x1 Chinese Bath Herbs - 10.58 OZ (1.058 OZ x 10 Bags) -each 10 x 30g individually packed, exclusively formulated with all natural ingredients;
  • x1 Mugwort Bath Herbs - 10.58 OZ (1.058 OZ x 10 Bags) -each 10x30g packs; Please see Ingredients for Ingredients list
  • 5-Rolls Wooden Foot Massage Roller: Dual 5 massage panels, unique arch and a pattern to massage different parts of your feet; gentlest massage of your feet, remarkable fit for under desk at work, kitchen table, patient waiting room or by TV sofa; Work better on carpet, please don't stand on it!
  • Handcrafted Cedar Wood Bath/Foot Spoon: Exquisitely designed for luxurious natural ancient spa splashes, light to float on the water, perfect for filling/emptying foot soak tubs or enjoying it in the bathtub