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Shine Wellness Inc. was  featured on The American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine website.

Shine Wellness was recently featured in Inside Magazine, Sacramento,CA





          My first experience with Tians foot bath plants was very intense and beautiful. I was soaking my feet, in that small beautiful barrel that comes together with the plants. The first minutes were extremely pleasant, like somebody was massaging very gently my feet. It was so relaxing. Then I felt my feet like two dry dead branches that start to open where the water was touching them, and slowly I start growing roots. It was an amazing sensation, feeling my feet somehow alive. So next day I went back and bought two packages and sent them to my dear friend from Florida. I am now on the second package and I have no intention on stopping my evening ritual. I want to mention I am a cancer patient, and besides the foot bath Tian helps me a lot with other herbs and acupuncture sessions. All her herbs I try are amazing. I have acute pancreatitis, and because of this a lot of digestive issues. She gave me some plant powder, it is bitter, but in the same time so good, I can hardly wait to drink it before my meals. I call it "The liquid gold", because I feel like I am drinking pure gold energy. About her acupuncture sessions, I have also only great things to say. I repeat, I am a cancer patient, I have acute pancreatitis, and my body is totally imbalanced. Session after session she raises my energy level, drop by drop. This lady is amazing. In my European country, I grew up between acupuncture doctors, and I know how good acupuncture can be, if it is done by a knowledgeable person. I totally trust her, and I am so grateful to the Universe for meeting her. Thank you Tian, from the bottom of my heart.



Shine Wellness Children's Bath herbs have become an integral part of my treatment for childhood eczema. As the Director of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine at CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange County and Founder of Open Mind Modalities a private TCM Practice specializing in Pediatrics, I have found the use of these herbs invaluable for improving the quality of Life of my pediatric patients with eczema. Evette Tsang and Tian Li Wu have created a beautiful company of wellness with excellent customer service.

Thank you Shine Wellness! 

Ruth McCarty, MS, L.Ac          





As for how I like the tub,  I LOVE IT! I have used it a few times and felt great comfort and relaxation when I did. I'm very happy with it. Thank you!         Tom Dadant, Planetary Herbals National Herbal Educator


"Thank you very much for the foot soak herbs and providing instructions on how to use them.  I have tried it and it was a wonderful experience! I thought the tub would be heavy but it is very manageable and very quality.  And the herbs were soothing and relaxing. I will be sure to refer friends and clients to you.  Best regards,    Fanny C, New York"


"My friend gave me a couple of these packets of herbs to try in my bath, and I find them to be the best way ever to ensure a good night's sleep--all I need is one, and I can even use it for 2 full baths and the effect is the same---wonderful!. Thank you so much for creating them!" Meg V, CA


"The tub is working wonderfully for us. When it is hot, I like cold water and a few drops of lavender …When I need more energy, I make a brew of fresh ginger …When I want to feel grounded, I use those great tea bags which were provided. Thanks for such a lovely product."    Sharon, Sacramento, CA


"I love my cedar foot soaking tub and the soaking herbs from Shine Wellness. The customer service was absolutely top notch, which enhanced the whole experience. Love the herbs, can't say enough."


"I would highly recommend this quality solid cedar Chinese foot soaking tub for a truly wonderful experience. Your feet will thank you no matter what their size!" Jill F, Florida.


"Was very pleased with the speed of delivery, professional packing & exceptional, courteous service. I will definitely purchase from Shine Wellness again!" Jesse M., July 22, 2014


"Quick Shipping!" Stewart M, August 28, 2014


"Thank you so much Evette for delivering! I LOVE my foot bath and herbal soak." Shoe Fly, September 16, 2014


"love my cedar wood foot tub. it's beautiful and smells wonderful. works well so far. going to buy another one for my mom." Cindy K, October 8, 2014