100% PURE Unadulterated ORGANIC Blueberry Juice (12 btls)

$ 119.99

  • 14 oz each bottle , 12 bottles, total 168 oz pure fresh squeezed juice (10.5 lbs)
  • From 1.4 lbs of Grade A-number 1 blueberries in every bottle (“Fresh pack in a bottle”)
  • Shelf life 8 to 10 years or longer. Blueberries are naturally antiseptic and with the moderately low pH, self preserving without adding preservatives
  • Purely American fruit - from east Texas area and Corvallis, OR region
  • Ultrasweet blueberries prime picked from manufacturer's own 2 certified organic farms
  • No flavor additives, no preservatives, flash pasteurized
  • Not from concentrate - 100% cold-pressed organic juice
  • Packed in glass, avoiding plastic chemical leaching
  • Facility only dedicated to these products, with no cross-contamination risk from gluten or other food antigens
  • Brought to you by nationally renowned intestinal researcher and nutritional expert Kenneth Fine, M.D., board certified internist and gastroenterologist and Tian Wu, L.Ac

Directions: Sip like wine. Consume 3-5 oz. once to twice a day.

Product Dimension:
14 oz each bottle, 10.60'' x 8.25 '' x 8.75 '' per case
Shipping weight: 19 Lbs per case