Shoulder Tension Release Set: Wooden Ladybug Kneading Massager, Wooden 16 Wheel Contour Moon Car Body Massager, Flex Body Patting Massager Plus 1 FREE bag of Mugwort Herb and 1 bag of Bath Herbs

$ 45.55

    • Wooden Ladybug Kneading Massager: This lovely ladybug kneading massager will make acupressure kneading techniques fun and effective. Easy to carry, and use anytime anywhere
    • Clearance Sale -- Wooden 16 Wheel Contour Moon Car Body Massager: This 16 wheel contour massager will caress the contours of your body. The rubber pointers are designed to effectively stimulate acupressure points and release muscle tension. This small and lightweight massager goes anywhere it is summoned
    • PLUS 1 FREE bag of Mugwort herb and Bath Herbs
    • Flex Body Patting Massager: This two-sided patter with its long flexible handle can be easily used to apply acupressure patting technique any part of your body. Two-sided head can be used to apply gentle or heavy patting.
    • Gift purchase SPECIAL: carefully handwritten gift message on your behalf, or your customized personal messages if emailed to us; PLUS 9 FREE extra tea bags of herbs on us (9 in Chinese means FOREVER, Gift order recipient need be different name than buyer's)

    Product Description

    This is a special pick to help releasing your Shoulder Tension; FREE Acupuncturist Herbalist Phone Consultation

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    • Estimate Shipping Weight: 8-12 lbs