Mini Chinese Acupressure Set

$ 26.66

    • Wooden Ladybug Kneading Massager: This lovely ladybug kneading massager will make acupressure kneading techniques fun and effective. Easy to carry, and use anytime anywhere
    • Wooden Acupressure Hand & Foot Massage Ball: Your hands and Feet have many vital acupressure triggering points. Applying acupressure with this ball will effectively rejuvenate and vitalize meridian pathways in the entire body PLUS 2 FREE bag of Mugwort herb and 1 bag of Bath Herbs
    • Handheld Acupressure Patter: To use, hold the wooden tool in the palm of your hand and pat problem areas. This "patting" technique will allow for more vigorous and deep pressure to stimulate energy throughout your body; Wooden Foot File: After enjoying one of our exclusively formulated all natural foot soaks, use this tool to treat your soles with some TLC. Your feet will thank you.
    • Clearance Sale -- Wooden Accessories Bucket: Lovely, easy to carry Theaceae wood mini bucket will organize your pamper products in the bathroom or on your work desk. L 7'' x W 5.50''x H 3", Weight 6.6 OZ
    • Gift purchase SPECIAL: carefully handwritten gift message on your behalf, or your customized personal messages if emailed to us; PLUS 9 FREE extra tea bags of herbs on us (9 in Chinese means FOREVER, Gift order recipient need be different name than buyer's)
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    Wooden Mini Bath Accessory Bucket Gift Set; FREE Acupuncturist Herbalist Phone Consultation

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